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                   Qigong & Daoist Training Center

                     2023 Annual Qigong & Meditation Intensive

                       Black Mountain Retreat Center, Cazadero, CA

                     Director: Shifu Michael Rinaldini (Li Chang Dao)

             April 19-23, 2023

Welcome to the annual Qigong & Daoist retreat of the Qigong & Daoist Training Center and the American Dragon Gate Lineage. Our retreat will be held at the Black Mountain Retreat Center which is operated by the Padmasambhava Peace Institute, located on the top of Black Mountain in Cazadero, CA.

Retreat is an opportunity to practice more intensely, go deeper into the experience of silence and stillness, and the mysteries of working with the Qi through the practices of qigong, circle walking, and Daoist zuowang meditation. There will be extra focus on circle walking, its postural corrections and its multiple levels of benefits. An optional practice will be an around-the-clock sitting meditation, by one participant at a time, every hour, from Thursday evening to Saturday evening. There will also be a Daoist priest ordination ceremony for members of the American Dragon Gate Lineage.

Costs, Accommodations and Requirements

Full payment due March 1, 2023

$200 deposit required to hold your space.

Dorms only available

April 19-23, 4 nights:  $345 plus paypal $11

April 20-23, 3 nights: $275 plus paypal $8

Includes 3 vegetarian meals per day (eggs at breakfast)

Dorm rooms are divided by partitions creating smaller sleeping areas.

Cancellation Policy

Full refunds until December 31, 2022

40% cancel fee January 1, 2023 to March 20, 2023

No refunds after March 20, 2023 for any reasons.

For more information: or

The 2022 Annual Qigong and Daoist Retreat

The 2022 Annual Qigong & Daoist Retreat was a great success. We had a total of 17 participants which was enough to fill our practice hall. Our sessions started early in the mornings and we ended the days meditating and doing qigong until close to 10 pm. We even had a special 3-4 am session for inspirational readings and silent meditation. We have tentative plans to return to Black Mountain Retreat Center in the last week of April 2023. Enjoy some of our photos from this year’s retreat.


Qigong retreat

Qigong retreat with Centa & Nancy 2022


Daoist priests 2022

Daoist priests, Marc, Maya, Dan, Jenn, and Emily 2022


Group retreat 2022

Retreat group photo 2022


Retreat priests

Happy Daoist priests 2022


new Daoist priests

New Daoist priests Dan, Emily, and Jenn with shifu Michael 2022


Daoist brothers

Daoist brothers in the Dao 2022


Shifu Michael and Laura

Shifu Michael with Laura 2022



American Dragon Gate Lineage priests 2022


Tea ceremony 2022

Dao Tea Transmission Ceremony 2022


New priests

New priests reading their Daoist names 2022


Annual Retreats

Our daily practices of qigong and meditation will revolve around morning, noon, and evening sessions of reciting Daoist scriptures. The qigong will consist of a variety of exercises for restoring one’s health and aiding one’s body and energetic systems. In retreat, we explore in-depth the practice of Qigong Circle Walking, its history, practice, and health benefits. The meditation practices are in the Zuowang, or sitting and forgetting serene practices of Daoist cultivation. Other practices will include the Daoist tea ceremony. Additionally, there will be a Daoist priest ordination ceremony for members of the American Dragon Gate Lineage.

For more information, contact Shifu Michael