The Value of Retreats

The value of retreats is to temporarily withdraw from your familiar, ordinary everyday experiences. It is to practice internal cultivation through qigong movements and meditation in order to regain your vitality, and sense of purpose, become enlivened, and emerge with a clear vision of who you are and what is your continued life path. Further, the purpose of a retreat is to be in the presence of the teacher who is the conduit for the healing qi and responsible for its transmission through the teacher-student relationship. Through direct teacher guidance, in both movement practices and quiet sitting meditation, the teacher’s spiritual direction is essential for the transmission of subtle energies and higher truths.

2024 Annual Qigong & Meditation Retreat                   

Th e retreat was a great success. we practiced qigong, sitting meditation, circle walking, did our own cooking, tea ceremony, a priest ordination for two candidates. And for the first time, we had a Daoist wedding ceremony. 

2025 Annual Retreat is already scheduled for April 13-17, 2025.

It will be held at Ralston White Retreat Center in Mill Valley, CA. If you are interested in joining us, let me know as soon as possible. Our limit is 25 people. 

Cancellation Policy

Full refunds until December 31, 2024

40% cancel fee January 1, 2025 to mid-March 2025

No refunds after mid-March 2025 for any reasons.

For more information: or

Location of 2025 Annual Retreat

Preparing for Ordination

shifu Michael preparing for priest ordination

Ordination Tea Ceremony

Daoist Wedding Ceremony

Newly married

Group retreat photo

Post retreat Bliss