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Welcome to the Home page of Michael Rinaldini, Qigong teacher and Daoist priest. In these pages, you’ll find info on my Qigong Certification courses. You’ll also find information on how you can study and train to become an ordained Daoist priest. You’ll also find info on my local qigong classes and annual retreats. And below, you’ll find info on the three books that I have written on qigong and Daoist practices. If you want to contact me, go to my Contact page, and send me a message. 


Daoist retreat 2019
2019 Qigong & Daoist Retreat


Some details about myself and Qigong Certification & Daoist Training Center.

I am a Qigong Teacher of over 25 years, and a 22nd generation Longmen Daoist priest. I am the founder of the American Dragon Gate Lineage.

Qigong Certification

I offer a solid foundation course in Qigong for educational and personal development. This course gives the student the skills to become a professional Qigong Teacher. The coursework and learning model is adaptable as a local student or as a distance student. 

My 200-hour course is of the highest quality and yet is affordable. I give personal guidance to my students, regardless of where they live.

Retreats: USA 

One of my favorite teaching practices is my annual retreat. My next retreat in 2020 will be at a rustic center nestled in a Redwood forest along the Californian coast. See retreats.

More about shifu Michael

I have been involved in spiritual and healing practices most of my adult life, dating back to the early 1970s. I have been studying Qigong for over 25 years, including four study trips to China. My main qigong teacher is Master Wan Sujian from Beijing’s Bagua Xundao Gong Qigong Center. He certified me as a Senior Qigong Teacher back in 2006. I am also a Certified Qigong Teacher, or Senior Teacher (Level 4-highest) by the National Qigong Association, and have led workshops at their annual conferences for the past ten years (see my certificate from the NQA on my Qigong Certification  page.) I have taught students locally in Sebastopol, CA  where I live, and nationally and internationally through my distance Qigong and Daoist studies programs.

Please visit my other pages for complete details on all of my services and events.


Qigong & Daoist Reteat Abbot Michael 2018
Abbot Michael walking in the Void at 2018 Retreat

Books by Shifu Michael

Qigong Certification & Daoist Training book
Shifu Michael’s first book on Daoist cultivation

Shifu Michael’s first book A Daoist Practice Journal: Come Laugh With Me is available through amazon.com. It focuses on the practices of a modern day western Daoist. Shifu Michael describes the Daoist path. This includes topics like medical qigong, Daoist meditation, Daoist scriptures, silence and solitude, retreats, diet and drinking puerh tea as part of cultivation practices. His book reveals the simple secrets of being a Daoist, including what he refers to as “being a Daoist in your heart.”


Daoist Training & Qigong Certification practices
Shifu Michael’s second book on Daoist cultivation

A Daoist Practice Journal, Book 2: Circle Walking, Qigong & Daoist Cultivation is the second book in a series on the practices for walking the Daoist path by a modern day, western Daoist priest. This second book consists of journal entries by the author from June 2013 to October 2016. It picks up with his journey where he left off in his first book. The main topics covered include Medical Qigong, qigong circle walking, both technique and health benefits. It includes a broad range of entries on Qigong exercises, assessment skills and applications. It also presents a much deeper investigation into the Daoist meditation method of Zuowang. And still more.

Click to purchase and also see Amazon.com reviews of my books:
A Daoist Practice Journal:: Book 2: Circle Walking, Qigong, and Daoist Cultivation


Daoist book, Michael Rinaldini
Shifu Michael’s third book on Daoist cultivation

A Daoist Practice Journal, Book 3: Qigong, Seasonal Food Cures & Daoist Cultivation is the third and last book in a series on the practices of a modern-day, western Daoist priest. This book consists of journal entries from December 21, 2016 to December 21, 2018. Topics included in Book 3 include retreats, seasonal food cures, qigong, Zuowang meditation, key concepts like emptiness, non-duality, silence, solitude and the essential ways that a Daoist grows in their heart. And so much more.

Click to purchase directly from Amazon.com:  A Daoist Practice Journal, Book 3: Qigong, Seasonal Food Cures & Daoist Cultivation

All three books are now available on amazon.com and they include ebook or Kindle versions.


This latest volume of A Daoist Practice Journal is another gem. In my own copy of volume one of this series, Michael hand wrote the inscription, “Realize Not Two.” This book is a rare look at one person’s journey to doing just that. Henry McCann, DAOM,

An ordained Daoist priest and founder of the American Dragon Gate Lineage, Shifu Michael explores what it means to be a Daoist in 21stcentury America. … a life of kindness, spiritual reflection, and self-examination. Linda Holt, M.A., D.Litt.

With his trademark style of journaling, Michael brings to life methods of altering ones qigong practices and eating habits throughout the seasons to harmonize with nature and the Dao. Christopher Collins, Publisher-The Empty Vessel Magazine

It’s the myriad steps along the path that make up the life of a Daoist, and Shifu Rinaldini warmly invites the reader to join him in his day to day life as a Daoist Abbot. Dan G. Reid, author of The Ho-Shang Kung Commentary on Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching



Visit shifu Michael’s other pages for information on:

Qigong Certification
Daoist Training
Blog – Journal Writings
Qigong classes.


Use the Contact page for more information.

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