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“Qigong Certification” & Daoist Priest Training – Certification Discount 30%  During Coronavirus Pandemic

Welcome to the Home page of Michael Rinaldini, Qigong teacher, and Daoist priest. On these pages, you’ll find info on my “Qigong Certification courses” for local and distance studies. You’ll also find information on Daoist priest training. You’ll also find info on my local “qigong exercises” classes and annual retreats. And you’ll find info on the five books that I have written on “Qigong,” “Circle Walking”, “Daoist practices,” and more.

Who takes my “qigong certification” course? That’s a simple question for me. Here’s a quick answer from me but it tells a lot. First of all, since the pandemic started, many of my new students have been concerned about how they can keep themselves healthy besides getting a vaccine. This group of students are my most devoted students, and many of them are from the UK, where the virus was so devastating. Many of my students are already in the healing and fitness profession like yoga, pilates, and Reiki teachers. Some are licensed medical professionals like chiropractors, mental health therapists, physical therapists, registered nurses, even military and police trained medical personnel. And the far majority are ordinary people that are looking for ways to have more energy, get more out of life, slow down the aging process, and learn how to relax. I could go on but I think I made my point.

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Some details about myself and Qigong Certification & Daoist Training Center.

I am a Qigong Teacher of close to 30 years, and a 22nd generation Longmen Daoist priest. I am the founder of the American Dragon Gate Lineage.

Qigong Certification

I offer a solid foundation course in Qigong for educational and personal development. This course gives the student the skills to become a professional Qigong Teacher. The coursework and learning model is adaptable as a local student or as a distance student. It is an interactive course between student and teacher.

Retreats: USA

One of my favorite teaching practices is my annual retreat. My next full 4-day retreat will be in 2022. Details are posted on the Retreats page. See retreats.

More about Shifu Michael

I have been involved in spiritual and healing practices most of my adult life, dating back to the early 1970s. I have been studying Qigong for over 30 years, including four study trips to China. My main qigong teacher is Master Wan Sujian from Beijing’s Bagua Xundao Gong Qigong Center. He certified me as a Senior Qigong Teacher back in 2006. I am also a Certified Qigong Teacher, or Senior Teacher (Level 4-highest) by the National Qigong Association, and have led workshops at their annual conferences for many years (see my certificate from the NQA on my Qigong Certification  page.) I have taught students locally in Sebastopol, CA  where I live, and nationally and internationally through my distance Qigong and Daoist studies programs.

Please visit my other pages for complete details on all of my services and events.

Qigong & Daoist Reteat Abbot Michael 2018

Abbot Michael Walking in the Void
2018 Retreat

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