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Local & Distance Online Qigong Teacher Certification

Qigong is a worldwide health and exercise system that is steadily growing in popularity. My students come from all around the USA, Canada, and the UK. Join my “Qigong Certification” course as a local or distance student to satisfy the demand for more qualified Qigong Teachers. A future Qigong Teacher should demand the highest q qualifications from their Qigong Teacher.

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Qi = energy, life force, universe energy

Gong = work, skill, practice

Qigong = The skill or practice of working with the energy called Qi

to foster harmony of body, mind, and spirit.

Drawing the bow

Drawing the Bow Shifu Michael, 2020

The Ground of “Qigong Certification”

To gain a solid foundation in qigong theory and exercises. To develop the skills to lead others in the performance of qigong for health preservation and for the rejuvenation of one’s energies when the body, mind, and spirit systems are out of balance.

Daoist Immortals Discussing shifu Michael's Qi Cultivation Course

Daoist Immortals Discussing shifu Michael’s Qi Cultivation Course


“Qigong Certification Course”

Re-designed Qigong Certification Course

300 Hours

The 300-hour level is divided into a 200-hour level and an optional secondary 100-hour level for a total of 300 hours of credit. The 200-hour level is a comprehensive course in qigong. The self-motivated student will achieve a high level of qigong mastery. This program is offered to students locally in Sebastopol, CA, and as a Distance Learning program. Students complete their studies at their residencies and at their own pace.

Students have one year to complete the course, though most students finish the 200 hr-level in 6-9 months.


Details of Study: 200-300 Hours

Local Students: Students attend local qigong classes and retreats. Progress is monitored through performance in class, emails, and completion of the training questions. 20 free classes and one 1-hour free private session are included in the local training program.

Distance Students: The distance option is an interactive course between teacher and student. Students learn through frequent communication with the teacher via emails, assigned readings, completion of the written training questions, and viewing instructional movies. The instructional movies (40+) are embedded on a separate web page that the students can view at their own convenience and never expire. The local & distance study options include an 60-page training manual.


List of Exercises from the training manual

Foundation Of Chinese Medicine and Daoist Concepts; The Qigong State; Exercises: Warm-Ups, Taiqi Ruler, Swimming Dragon, Master Wan Tonifying 3 Dantians, Rolling The Ball, Wuji Palms Facing Heaven, Descending The Yang-Ascending The Yin, Daoist Five Yin-Kidney, Compassionate Buddha Qigong.

Sets: Five Animal Frolics (crane and bear); Pre-Heaven Tai Chi Ruler; Chong Mai Qigong; .Primordial Wuji Qigong Meditation; Circle Walking.

Immune Boosting: Double Inhale Breathing; Kidney – Lung Breathing; Drawing The Bow; White Mist Lung Breathing.

Other: Daoist Studies and Meditation; Seasonal Food Cures.

How to design a class


Local Student $600, Distance Student $450

There are two required books to study:

A Daoist Grows In The Heart: Journals Of A Modern-Day Western Daoist Priest, Michael Rinaldini, 2020

Qigong: A Beginner’s To Advanced Guidebook, Michael Rinaldini, 2020

Completion of the 200-hour level is sufficient training to qualify as a Qigong Teacher.

Optional 100-Hour Course

The 100-hour optional secondary level includes a thorough study of two additional books on qigong, Daoist practices, and more studies in Chinese medicine

A Daoist Practice Journal: Interreligious Dialogue: Daoism & Christianity, Extraordinary Vessels & Daoist Cultivation, Michael Rinaldini, 2023 Second Edition

Above book was Finalist in book award in category of Eastern Religion.

Wood Becomes Water: Chinese Medicine in Everyday Life

Local or Distance Student $100

Certification students are encouraged to attend shifu Michael’s annual retreats in the spring. See Retreat page for details.

Qigong Food Therapy (+100 hours)

An additional level of training is for 100 hours of study on Chinese Food Therapy which includes assessment methods for determining a person’s constitution and prescribing specific foods and qigong exercises. An internship is required to work with real people. The required text is Eight winds in the Heavens: Seasonal Health Secrets and Qigong Exercises from Daoist Sages that Prevent Disease and Promote Optimal Health and Vitality by Tom Bisio.

This section could begin after completing the 200-hour course.
Cost: $200

General Info: Students have come from throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico, England, Italy, Chile, Australia, Switzerland, Sweden, The Netherlands, France, Israel, and Finland.

Upon finishing the Qigong Certification course, the student receives a Certificate of Completion stating that the person satisfactorily completed a course of qigong studies from the Qigong & Daoist Training Center and is qualified to teach qigong.

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Rolling the Ball

Rolling the Ball, shifu Michael. 2020

 Certification Qigong Teacher

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